Dani and Billy from Hocus Pocus. I love how Billy kept her safe within the salt circle :3

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This is the best one I’ve ever seen!!

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listen, lady, take it as a compliment that i even care enough to burn holes into the breasts of your favorite tee-shirt i mean so what that the next time you pick it up you’ll pause before deciding not to put it on so what that when you go home tonight you won’t be able to sleep because you’ll be thinking about the look in my eyes so what that my gaze will be a stain no amount of washing will scrub out,

look, this whole feminist movement is a bunch of prettily dressed misandry. don’t you know that you’re taking something away from me by saying you don’t need me to hold things for you? i’m just trying to be polite. so what if your whole life has been people taking things from you. so what if your own father made sure you never got strong because little girls shouldn’t be able to keep up with their brothers. i don’t care that it’s patronizing. i don’t care that i’d never just assume another guy is weak. it’s not really misogyny. it’s just that guys are stronger, see?

come on now, baby. calling you “sweetheart” isn’t really an insult. yes, i know many men use it to be derogatory - but i’m different and you should somehow know that. i mean, sure, i’d never ever call another man “babe” unless i was taunting him - but against you, the word has got to be different. i hate how people make girls look so defenseless by implying they can’t handle anything. i mean who cares if you’ve spent years hearing “sweetcheeks” and “darling” and “honey” and you’ve tolerated each. who cares if you’re so used to certain low levels of harassment that you are solid steel - the minute you crack and call me out, you’re oppressing me. yeah, i know, last time someone called me “annoying” i tried to kill somebody, but there’s a difference, see? i’m strong and you’re weak and if i wanna call you something, you’re gonna have to swallow it, sweetie.

seriously, though, catcalling isn’t as awful as you all make it sound. so what that women are terrified of it and it makes them scared to walk alone. why, i think it would be refreshing to be shouted at on the street. a total stranger screaming obscenities at me? possibly armed and dangerous? sign me up. yeah, i get that if it was really an attractive thing that women would try it too, but i’m pretty sure they just don’t because women are supposed to be demure. it has nothing to do with the fact they hate it and they really wish i wouldn’t.

welcome to the real world. all you feminazis have chased away men from your cause. i mean, we were with you, right? we were totally supportive and never suggested you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. in fact, we’re not still debating your right to birth control. men have always been there in droves for our women folk. there aren’t countries where it’s dangerous for women to go. people like me, people that are good and kind - we’re sick of you guys. once someone flipped me off for telling her to smile, and now i’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that women never get the full amount of my dollar. i’m so great. once i watched a full episode of oprah - i mean, i was drunk and it was muted - but i’m a sensitive guy. you all telling me that men are actually hurting you and that the system needs to change: that stuff is just you being overemotional, babe. stop fighting fire with fire. can’t you see sitting quietly has gotten you nothing? i like it that way. please, continue trying.

i’m allowed to exist! i’m allowed to sink my teeth into your skin and i’m allowed to get away with it. i’m allowed to grope you and make a prank video about it. i’m allowed to complain about welfare and at the same time vote against abortion. i’m allowed to make a joke about women of color. i’m allowed to tell someone they can’t use a certain restroom because of their gender expression. i’m allowed to take everything i can put my hands on. welcome to capitalism. it’s not my fault the whole game is rigged.

i mean, no, yeah, i guess i’m kind of scared for my sister, and i guess i kinda wanna have a family one day and i’d hate to think someone will treat my daughter the same way that i have treated other people - but still. women as an abstract? women who are not directly related to me? they might as well mean nothing. they’re all crazy anyway. they imagine this world where things are going poorly - but for me, in my experience, nothing’s wrong. they’ve gotta all be lying because i’m a nice guy and i’d never hurt somebody. i’m a nice guy. i deserve to be rewarded. i deserve to be kissed by somebody. i’m a nice guy. if you just took the hint of me staring at you while you tried to read and you got up and talked to me, then you’d know it. then you’d see.


- Feminism?? You say, “making the world a safer place for females by seeing all women as equals,” I hear, “thought control” and “i’m gonna oppress you and now you’re not allowed to touch me without my consent anymore”  // r.i.d (via inkskinned)
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Friendly reminder that Javert didn’t remember Jean Valjean by his voice or his face or anything, but by his enormous sexy muscles that haunted his dreams for at least 20 years.

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was this show even real

Yes and it was glorious.

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This is by far the stupidest thing I have ever made.

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